Mobile shooter Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Mobile. Mobile shooter review

The online multiplayer shooter Call of Duty: Mobile replicates the gameplay of the CoD series for PC. Within a month of its launch, the shooter has been downloaded by over 148 million users. The game has become the second highest scale release in the history of mobile gameplay.

Call of Duty: Mobile gameplay

Players familiar with the CoD series will recognize the familiar gameplay. The game is played from first-person perspective. Score series and perks, character and weapon designs, fonts and icons, locations and sounds are carried over into the gameplay from the PC version.

The mobile version has a simple interface. Players who have never launched a shooter on their phone before will be able to quickly get to grips with the controls. In the menu, you can select a simplified mode with automatic firing. But to get the most out of the game, it’s worth learning how to shoot yourself. Errors and delays are possible in automatic mode.

There are several modes available to players:

● Team Combat. The most fun mode according to player reviews.

● “Supremacy”. The mode allows you to quickly score points by capturing enemy points.

● “Front Line”.

● “Find and Destroy”.

● “Training against the AI”.

● “Battle Royale”.

The game has special modes that operate for a limited time. Special modes can be available from a few days to an entire season.

All modes except “Battle Royale” refer to online play. In these, players can choose between non-ranked or ranked matches. The non-ranked games affect the development of the account. Success in ranked games determines the player’s status. The starting rank is called “Beginner”. The highest possible rank is called Legendary.

Graphics and gameplay Call of Duty: Mobile

Player tips

Useful tips for tactical combat:

1. use the jump and crouch buttons. Jumping out from behind corners and sliding around open spaces helps you win.

2.         To get more out of the game, actively move around the map. Players who hide at one point are missing out on all the fun.

3.         Until the fifteenth level the best weapon is AKS-74U. After the fifteenth level you can pump assault and sniper rifles, shotguns.

4.         Always reload immediately after finishing the previous action.

5.         Use knife when the enemy is close to you.

6.         Video tutorials on Youtube or other resources can help you learn each map quickly.

7.         If you think you have quickly learned to play well, you are probably playing against bots.

You can select the level of detail in the settings. Owners of outdated mobile devices can disable special effects (anti-aliasing, shadows, depth of field etc.) to prevent the app from freezing.


In Call of Duty: Mobile you can play without donation, gradually pumping skills and getting new equipment. With real money you can buy characters, weapons, backpacks, paints, gestures and other items.

The game is well balanced, donation does not guarantee that you will always win. The real advantage comes from intelligent choice of perks, strategic thinking, and quick player reactions.

Social interactions

Call of Duty: Mobile players can join clans. To join a clan or create a new clan, you need to link your Facebook account. Clan membership increases the chances of winning: players can agree on the actions during the matches and exchange gameplay items.

Conclusion about the game Call of Duty: Mobile

In terms of atmosphere and fascination Call of Duty: Mobile is not inferior to the series of games for PC. Interest to the mobile version is sustained by the change of seasons, during which the players have access to unique modes and items in the in-game shop. Doughnuts help increase the chances of winning, but the decisive role is left to the skills of the player.