Cube Escape: Paradox game review

Cube Escape: Paradox

The mobile game Cube Escape: Paradox consists of quests and puzzles. The game is part of the Cube Escape universe developed by Rusty Lake Studios. It is possible to pass the main plot of the game without knowing the universe. But only the people, who have already completed the previous games of the series, will be able to uncover all the secrets of the story and get the full picture of what is going on.

Game format

Cube Escape: Paradox mobile game tells the story in two chapters. The first chapter is free. You’ll have to buy access to the second chapter to find out how the mystery story ends.

A short film called Paradox: A Rusty Lake Film has been released at the same time as the game. The film shows the events of the game from a different perspective. The developers recommend to watch the film after the two chapters to avoid spoilers and get more pleasure from the game.

The plots of the film and the game are closely connected. The game features footage from the film, while the short film incorporates footage from the game. Rusty Lake’s interesting experiment allows you to delve deeper into the Cube Escape universe.

Cube Escape: Paradox. Game walkthrough

Cube Escape storyline

The protagonist of Cube Escape: Paradox is detective Dale Vandermeer. He goes back to the murder case of Laura Vanderbaum, which is the subject of one of the previous parts of the game. The hero becomes immersed in reflection and self-discovery.

The detective realises that the solution he offers is flawed, as is his entire view of reality. In order to find the right answer, the hero must connect the past, the present and the future, but most importantly, get out of the room.

“The past is never dead” is the unofficial motto of every game in the Cube Escape series. Only players familiar with previous episodes of the series will be able to understand all the clues and references in the story.

What song does the parrot like? Who is this parrot?

● Where did the creepy shadows in the keyhole and in the mirror come from?

● Why does the big, talking raven offer psychotherapy?

● Was the protagonist’s parents seriously “pissed off”?

The listed moments don’t make any associations for newcomers, because they’re related to past episodes. But Cube Escape: Paradox tells a complete and understandable story with room for ambiguous plot interpretations.

Cube Escape. Gameplay

Rusty Lake delights players with clever puzzles with no illogic or room for double-entendre interpretations. The list of the most interesting puzzles includes building a route on the map, exploring a head-shaped maze. There are almost no primitive tasks in the game like spotting. Hints for solving most of the puzzles are in the room from which the protagonist must find his way out.


The tenth game of Cube Escape was the first game of the series, posted on Steam. For many players, this particular installment will be the beginning of their acquaintance with the universe. But the game is a value in and of itself. It’s a complete set of puzzles with a mystical atmosphere and internal logic. The stylistics of the world may be emotionally distasteful, but the gameplay is impeccable.