Forgotten Memories for mobile devices

Forgotten Memories: A mobile horror that will make you shudder

Forgotten Memories is a superb creation by Psychoz Interactive in the best horror tradition. Despite some bugs that were noted at the beginning, and about which the first players were actively screaming, the product turned out to be worthy. What’s more, recent updates to the game have fixed the problems, and player feedback has been taken into account. The tweaks have made the product truly addictive and enticing.

The main drawback of the original version was its tedious complexity and a certain monotony. It was a shame to face such shortcomings, given that the atmosphere was masterfully created. But it was the lack of balance that played a cruel joke on the developers at the launch of their brainchild. In fact, the creators didn’t hide the fact that they were inspired by such masterpieces as Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Alone In The Dark. But it will take more effort to compete with them.

Forgotten Memories storyline

The protagonist of Forgotten Memories is investigator Rose Hawkins. She needs to find the missing girl. The search leads to an abandoned mental hospital, where you can already understand from the very threshold that the place is not as simple as it seems at first sight. The exploration of the building starts in complete darkness where the way is illuminated only by a small torch in the heroine’s hands. With each step in the abandoned house one becomes more and more convinced that the atmosphere is rather intimidating and oppressive, because danger may lurk at every corner.

Forgotten Memories for Android and IOS

The situation becomes more complicated with the scene with the standing mannequins. And it is not immediately clear whether they are frozen or moving. The noises make you think there is someone else in the building, someone mysterious and dangerous. The game employs the traditional psychological move that thriller directors love so much – lifeless intimidation, creating a situation in which the heroine feels as if she is being stalked, watched. But in fact, this is not always the case. All it takes is a few strange noises out of nowhere to frighten the impressionable player.

As the building is explored, various written notes and audio recordings emerge. They provide some insight into what was going on within these walls. In this way, information becomes available about the sinister experiments that were actively conducted in this orphanage, the results of which have been preserved to this day. You can ignore such information materials and move on, but missing even the most seemingly insignificant moment, you may not understand how to act in subsequent crisis situations. 

Pros and cons

The main merit of the game is the graphics. For a product designed for mobile platforms, it is an unsurpassed creation, striking from the first seconds. The rich detailing, which is both solid and realistic, allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. It doesn’t use a large monitor, but the same smartphone with a traditional screen size. Some may not like the fact that periodically these “details” need only be seen by a narrow beam of torch. But that’s the appeal of the game and the key to the player’s full-fledged attentiveness.