Star Wars: Force Arena for mobile phones

MOBA Star Wars: Force Arena

Star Wars: Force Arena is a mobile game that combines three different genres: MOBA, strategy and card collecting. It’s not just because of the popularity of Star Wars. It’s the game’s unique gameplay, beautiful graphics and soundtrack that gets a lot of users excited.


The game is not another copycat of Dota 2 and League of Legends. Although at first glance it is a classic battle between two or four opponents. Battles are fought at an intense pace, sometimes requiring less than a minute to win.

The gameplay incorporates elements of MOWA:

  • 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 confrontation;
  • The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy base;
  • turrets are placed in specific locations on the map;
  • The game is played in a neutral zone on the map;
  • The map has a neutral zone that does not belong to the players.

Victory depends not so much on the player’s skills, but on the cards he has in his deck. Players can use cards to enhance attacks, unlock new characters, upgrade equipment, summon helpers and other tasks.

Cards are the main resource that determines the balance of the game and affects the economy. They can be obtained for the accumulation of experience and defeating opponents. Star Wars: Force Arena is free to play. For real money you can buy rare cards and other things that increase the chances of victory.

The player can choose their own opponent or find a free game. When automatically selecting opponents, the system takes into account the level of players, the contents of the deck and other factors. The algorithm selects opponents who have roughly equal chances of winning.

Star Wars: Force Arena for Android and iOS smartphones

Characters in Star Wars: Force Arena

Star Wars fans will find familiar and favourite characters in the game. The game features more than 80 famous characters from old and new films. There are rare characters in the game that can be obtained after purchasing cards.

Each character has unique features and a unique fighting style. You can choose to play with characters that have fought on the same side in the films, or create story-defying alliances.

To start the game, you not only have to choose a character, but also a side of the force. Once the settings are confirmed, a classic MOWA game of destroying the enemy’s base begins.

Star Wars: Force Arena graphics

In the main menu, you can open cards and select characters. The 3D character models look beautiful in the menu. But when viewing the map, the level of detail deteriorates noticeably. The most famous movie characters feature distinctive movements and fighting stances.

Players can choose from a selection of suggested maps for the MOWA confrontation. Some of the maps represent locations known to fans from the films. Battles look dynamic, with animations of explosions, soldier movements and fighter flights on the map.


The game is accompanied by music from the movies. The iconic theme, known to every fan of the franchise, plays during dynamic game moments. The selected music allows you to better immerse yourself in the gameplay.


Many gamers consider Star Wars: Force Arena the best Star Wars game for mobile devices. The app has a high rating and many good reviews on PlayMarket. The game will appeal to fans of the film universe, fans of the MOWA genre and people with a penchant for collecting. The game is free to install, and rare cards and items will be available for a donation.