Music Racer - a music race

Music Racer: mobile casual game

The mobile game Music Racer is a race game where the route depends on the music you choose. Play your favourite tracks and watch the tracks change. You can use any track to play. Access to the mobile game is free, but the PC version is sold via Steam.

Gameplay Music Racer

The developers of Music Racer have decided not to offer players standard tracks. Sooner or later regular races get boring because of the monotony of the routes. In Music Racer, the route depends on the music you choose. You can choose tracks to play from your smartphone’s memory.

The player can choose one of 4 modes for the race:

1.         “Standard”. When an obstacle is hit, the car returns to the track.

2.         “Zen”. There are no obstacles on the track.

3.         “Challenging”. After encountering an obstacle, the route starts all over again. There is a race rating for each track.

4.         “Cinematic”. The car cannot be controlled. The player can zoom in, zoom out and rotate the camera to follow the race.

The combination of the track and the chosen mode makes each track unique. Running in zen mode with melodious music is a chill out affair, with only the beats being collected. When driving in difficult dubstep mode, the track will be a lot of twists and turns. You will have to maneuver so as not to crash into obstacles.

Controlling the car during the race is very simple: you need to click on the left or right side of the screen. The car will be rearranged in the left or right lane and bypass obstacles.

Music Racer is a music casual (gameplay)

Route construction mechanics

The developers have created a mechanic that transforms any track into a race track. You can load tracks into the game in MP3, Flac, Ogg and Wav formats. The mechanism for converting music into a track works best with MP3 files. The race route is created based on the waves and frequencies of the selected track.

For interesting races, choose tracks with more beats. When you create a route, the bits turn into white blocks that need to be collected during the race. For them you can buy new cars, visual enhancements and open new locations. The number of bits does not depend on the difficulty mode set.

Graphics of Music Racer

The mobile game Music Racer features a colorful picture. Some people may be uncomfortable with bright colours and harsh flashes. The graphics combine retro style elements from the 80s with modern technology. The menu contains options to customise the visuals.

There are 16 locations available to players. The first 3 locations are open, access to the rest can be bought for bits. There are 13 racing cars in the game. The first car can be obtained for free, while the rest are purchased for bits.

There are no differences in features between the cars. You can change the appearance of cars for the bits: install new bumpers and wheels, repaint the body.


Music Racer game is unique due to endless racing tracks that can be constructed by the algorithm. Any MP3 file is suitable for creating a new track. During the game, you can collect points for visual improvements. To successfully complete any track, all you need to do is get into the rhythm of the music that will be playing during the race.