Platformer Oddmar

Oddmar: A review of the Viking mobile platformer

Oddmar is an atmospheric action game where you become part of the history of the Vikings. It features divine beginnings, magic, traditional battles, typical images and much more of what their culture is known for. Entering the great hall in Asgard, you meet the warriors who have fallen in battle, ready to come to the aid of Odin at any moment. They are especially ready to sacrifice their souls again when Ragnarok comes. Even the parents of the protagonist, who left our world many years ago, are present.

The story of the character Oddmar

The character himself bears little resemblance to a traditional Viking. He tries to dodge situations where brute force should be used and even more so to kill. His physique does not allow him to be as dexterous and skilled as his fellows. Oddmar lives off the scraps of others, eager to remain a part of his people, and willing to burn the forest if ordered to do so by his leader. Moreover, he will go into exile if ordered to do so as well. But can he survive in such conditions if he has never even learned to be a Viking?

In order to ensure sufficient power reserves, the hero resorts to drugs, in particular using magic mushrooms given by a fairy. Despite the epicness of the moment, there are some actions the character has to perform. He needs to prove that he is a true warrior. If the hero fails, the whole world is screwed up and collapses.

Oddmar is a kind of mix of Origins and Tropical Freeze, which are considered to be two of the greatest 2D platformers for mobile gadgets. That said, the game feels like a textbook of sorts, with third-person narration, voiced by actor Julian Casey. He guides the player, enthusiastically leading the way and rejoicing when he manages to deftly defeat the enemy and stay alive.

Gameplay in the platformer Oddmar

Game mechanics in Oddmar

Another interesting point is the placement of the enemies. It acts as a key and often overlooked aspect of 2D game design, as it is one of the deciding factors in what type of game is created. Since not all platformers are the same, proper enemy placement will vary from chapter to chapter. However, the developers have still ensured that the enemy placement is as average and thoughtful as possible, creating some sort of momentum for each stage.

The methodical details of the level structure resonate well with the art direction. Although it lacks the imaginative setting of its less grounded contemporaries, Oddmar’s world is full of life and detail. Several boss battles are a real spectacle, and while the final battle isn’t as flashy as its predecessors, the obstacles are nothing short of a test of everything you master throughout the game.

The exquisite level design is nothing without adequate controls, the most important aspect of any game. Developer MobGe handles this completely by doing away with the touch copy of the standard controller layout. This way you can jump on most enemies, strike with improved weapons and perform a number of other modest tricks. The action guide is presented on the right-hand side of the screen.


Despite a lot of rather humble moments in Oddmar, it still has a lot to boast about. The game is interesting and lets you quickly get into the spirit of what’s going on. The amusing atmosphere adds to the fun and appeal of the process, and the “fatherly” narration adds to the storytelling.