A review of Fantastic Beasts: Magicians Investigate

Overview Fantastic Beasts: Magicians Investigate

The mobile game “Fantastic Beasts: Magicians Investigate” is based on the works of J. Rowling. But in the story you will not meet the familiar characters: you will have to play for a detective, who conducts investigations on the territory of Europe. The mobile game belongs to the adventure and object search genres.

Gameplay Fantastic Beasts

After starting the game, you can take a new case. To solve it, you will have to read the lines of the other characters and examine the location (object search game). Found valuable items can be repaired and sent for examination. You can examine the location several times. Each time you search the location, the energy level is reduced.

Finding items gives points for receiving stars. The less time spent searching for clues, the more stars the player receives. Stars allow you to cast spells, question witnesses, and unlock new stages of a case. Each action takes a certain amount of time. For example, a consultation with an expert takes up to 12 hours. You can speed up the timer by buying gems with real money.

By conducting examinations and interviewing witnesses, the player gradually compiles a description of the magical creature. But the case cannot be solved prematurely if the player has guessed the creature in question. It is required to go through the plot of each adventure to the end.

Having collected all the clues, the player can compare them with the brief descriptions of the creatures and solve the case. In some scenarios, the player receives results from his peers. After watching the final dialogue, the player will know how the story ended and can move on to the next case.

Obtaining Energy

At the beginning of the game, the maximum value of the energy scale is 110 units. A full scale will be enough for 5 location inspections. When energy runs out, a player can refill the scale once for free. After using energy a second time, the player can buy gems and replenish the scale or wait for it to regenerate automatically. One energy scale is regenerated in 2 minutes.

Mobile game Fantastic Beasts: Magicians Investigate

Interesting features

To save the game, you need to allow the mobile app to access your Facebook profile. The player receives experience points and game achievements for solved cases:

● Beginner. Solve 1 case: 1,000 experience points.

● Apprentice. Solve 2 cases: 2 000 experience.

● hunter. Solve 5 cases: 2,000 experience.

● Specialist. Solve 8 cases: 5000 experience.

● Legend. Solve 10 cases: 10 000 experience.

Entering the game every day, the player will receive small gifts: energy, gold coins and other bonuses that are needed to complete the story.

The game features a potions model. But created potions will not help pass the story faster than the gems available for donation. For example, a potion of intelligence briefly stops the timer while searching for items in a location.

Monetising the project Fantastic Beasts

Playing Fantastic Beasts: An Investigation by Magicians is free, but then it takes a few days to complete each case. The developer uses Free-To-Play monetization. Donation speeds up the development of the story. With the purchase of gems, it is possible to complete one case in 20-30 minutes.

To quickly complete the game, you have to pay 50-100 euros. The difference in price is due to the fact that the cost of acceleration decreases over time. Completing all the plots quickly will be more expensive than buying many computer games with 3D graphics and an open world.


“Fantastic Beasts: Magicians Investigate” immerses the player in a magical world. Searching for clues in locations allows you to train your attention and concentration. But the investigative plots are drawn out and the power-ups you buy are one-offs. You’ll have to pay for them again on a second playthrough.